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Emerald Bouclier Ring

Emerald Bouclier Ring

Bouclier ring studded with an oval emerald surrounded by diamonds.


Product details

Yellow gold and distressed silver ring studded with an oval emerald surrounded by diamonds.
Materials Oval Emerald: 8x6x1.3 cts  
26 Diamonds: 0.57 cts
18k Yellow Gold: 5 g 
Distressed Silver: 6.5 g  
Made in France
Measures Length: 1.4 in
Reference DL03014603
Size Available in other sizes upon request.

Craftsmanship at the service of perfectionism

Perfectionism is illustrated at all stages of creation and production of our pieces of jewellery. We leave no room for chance, and each step requires time, precision, and rigor on which we never compromise.

Indeed, each jewel is the result of a demanding collaboration with the best experts in their fields, diamond or gemologists, model makers, setters, polishers, or engravers, we work in synergy with each of them to achieve excellence.

Step 1

The drawing

Passionate about drawing since always, the creator's work always begins with a story, a sketch, a drawing.

Elie Top always draws with a perfectionist obsession with detail and a very concrete vision of the beauty of the jewel and the style of its wear. The sketch becomes a drawing and is then transformed into a 3D model by our workshop experts.

2nd step

The search for stones

In most cases, the stones are sourced from our suppliers who guarantee the traceability and quality of our stones.

As far as possible, Elie Top, who has always had a spirit of transformation, likes to hunt for old stones, and he willingly tackles the challenge of transforming a jewel of yesterday into a jewel of today. All our models set with an ancient stone are the subject of a special indication on the product sheet. This is Upcycling in jewellery seen by Elie Top!

Step 3

The making

Our jewellery is entirely made in France in several French workshops with exceptional craftsmanship, all RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified, which guarantees the total traceability of our supply chain.

Step 4

The box and maintenance

We have designed prestigious boxes to highlight an exceptional jewel and to protect it from friction, humidity and light. Boxes to cherish and protect your jewellery on a daily basis.