“Jewellery is a matter of transmission. It crosses generations, sometimes centuries and recounts its time, loved ones, glorious ancestors, happy moments... Sometimes an object of value, but mostly sentimental. From an era to another, it is metamorphosed under the influence of fashion and circumstances. True luxury cannot be industrial, it remains timeless and is transmitted. Moreover, I hope that my own jewellery will be one day transformed in turn. -Elie Top

Passionate about history and time travel, the spirit of transformation is in the brand's DNA. In continuity, Elie Top has embarked on the challenge of transforming a jewel of yesterday into a jewel of today.

Beyond the creative exercise with stimulating constraints, it is a question of participating in a virtuous approach.
Preserving the precious resources of our planet by reviving treasures from the past is participating in an enchanted, ecological and ethical metamorphosis, upcycling as seen by Elie Top in a way!

An approach initiated at the very beginning thanks to the brand's friends who immediately brought their old jewelery to be transformed, and by the designer himself who likes to hunt for exceptional stones to reassemble them on one of his models.

Elie Top offers two types of metamorphoses according to your needs:

1- Metamorphosis

The metamorphosis of an old jewel, like this Boucheron brooch that belonged to the mother of a customer and integrated into a custom-designed necklace.

The original piece has remained intact, it has been integrated into a new jewel entirely imagined around it. The Boucheron brooch has finally come out of the box where it has been sleeping for centuries, this jewel is now worn in style!

2- Rebirth

The rebirth of a stone from an old jewel to integrate it into one of the models in my collections, like this shuttle diamond that begins a new life on a model of La Dame du Lac, or this solitaire set in a sphere Mécaniques Célestes.

If you have inherited a jewel or an exceptional stone that sleeps in its jewellery box and you dream of transforming it into a jewel designed just for you, do not hesitate to come and meet me in my private salon.