The salon
The salon

"I had dreamed of it and I found it just a stone's throw away from the legendary Place Vendôme, at 217 rue Saint Honoré. I settled in there from the very beginning. But beware, it's not a shop! On the contrary, I wanted it to be on a private floor, completely confidential, in line with my idea of luxury: a lounge, sheltered from prying eyes. A lounge, where you can be received, meet each other, and share stories..." - Elie Top


If my drawings are an expression of my intimate universe, they are always crafted with meticulous precision.I only draw jewellery that can be brought to life.

Each of my jewellery pieces tells a story.
I enjoy bridging the past and the future, by transforming treasures from the past and creating signature jewellery.

I invite you to enter into the confidence of my universe, where we can share our stories and co-create unique jewelry together, or simply come and discover my signature collections and unique pieces of High Jewellry.

Jeweler and Creator
217 Rue St Honoré,
75001 Paris