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Corporate Name: ELIE TOP France

Registered Address: 217 rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris

Phone Number and Email Address: +33 (0)1 42 21 40 97 -

Legal Form of the Company: SARL (Limited Liability Company)

Share Capital: 184 796 €

Name of Director: Elie Top

Hosting & Creation

Hosting: Shopify Inc. – 150 Elgin street, Suite 800 Ottawa (Ontario) K2P 1L4 (Canada)

Design and Technical Implementation: Rainbow, 32 rue de Didenheim 68200 Mulhouse


Registration Number in the Trade and Companies Register: 502 448 343 RCS

Individual tax identification number for VAT: FR58502448343

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For the purposes of information and transparency, ELIE TOP has defined this policy to allow you to learn more about:

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What is a Cookie?

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What are cookies used for on the website?

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Strictly necessary cookies to facilitate navigation on the Site

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Functionality Cookies

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How to manage cookies?

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To the extent that your device may view content developed with the Flash language, we invite you to access your Flash cookie management tools directly from the website

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