Drawing on various experiences in prestigious houses, Elie Top decides to create the jewels that will bear his name: the house Elie Top is born in 2015. At that time, universe is unfolded and that is distinguished by a pronounced taste for strong lines and assertive volumes, with baroque and futuristic accents. Jewels with a playful and surprising character, which play with eras and styles to capture the present moment, a balance between tradition and innovation.

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  • The latest collection from the jeweler, mechanical bestiaire the Magica Naturae collection, hypnotic and precious, pay tribute to a fantasy jewelry. Arising from mysterious lakes, making their way through the interlacing leaves of the magical forest, the chameleon, the turtle, the bird, the crocodile and the snake are parading on the other side of the world, attracted by the Eiffel Tower that points its golden arrow. Their scales, Yellow and Pink Gold and Patinated Silver sparkle with Diamonds, Sapphires, Garnet, which dress them.
    Magica Naturae collection

  • With its neo-medieval aesthetics, the La Dame du Lac gives women her magical attire. From Patinated Silver and Yellow Gold, the cuffs and shield rings, dagger pendant, lance earrings and blazon cuff confront each other. Studded with Opals, Akoya Pearles, Sapphires, Spinels and Diamonds, these armoured jewels capture a mysterious softness.

  • The four elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth, associated with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the four seasons, each being represented by its pet fetish. Engraved on the stone, these elements affirm the personality of the wearer of the jewel. Knights, charms and cufflinks, shield pendants reveal the Cosmogonie Secrète.



  • First collection of jeweler Elie TopMécaniques Célestes offers a journey through time and space. In a brief gesture, a sphere of Yellow Gold pivots, revealing a planet of Diamonds, Onyx, Tahitian Pearl and Akoya, Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Agate, surrounded surrounded by a Silver ring.  

  • First collection of jeweler Elie TopMécaniques Célestes offers a journey through time and space. In a brief gesture, a sphere of Yellow Gold pivots, revealing a planet of Diamonds, Onyx, Tahitian Pearl and Akoya, Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Agate, surrounded surrounded by a Silver ring.


    Bandeau de collection 
  • Continuity of the Mécaniques Célestes collection, this second collection invites to mystery. Imposing size, rectangle ring, octagonal cuff, hexagonal pendant, triangle necklace tie Silver Patina reveal, under a rotating sphere of Yellow Gold, an Onyx disc set with a diamond star. In an ancient compass, in an orbital station, in a medieval talisman, lurks the Etoile Mystérieuse.

  • Jewelry for men with a strong personality that are versatile and suitable for women and men.
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  • The different models of Rings Elie Top: ring Sceau, ring Signet ring, alliance, ring Mira, ring with rotating sphere, ring Shield, ring Blason, ring Ecu, ring Scaphandre, ring 4 elements, ring Bandeau, ring Dorsal, ring Stylet, ring double fingers Desdemone, Pluto double finger ring, Rectangle ring, Triangles ring, Octo ring, Toi&Moi ring


  • The different models of Elie Top Necklaces: Shield Necklace and Pendant, Coat of Arms Necklace, Stylus Pendant, Dagger Pendant, Torque and Suit Pendant, Tooth Pendant, Mira Pendant, 5 Spheres Necklace, Two Drops Necklace, Pluto Pendant, Bangle Necklace, Hexa pendant, Octo pendant, Triangle pendant, Claw pendant


  • The different models of Elie Top Charms: 4-element charms, Secret Cosmogony Charms, Lady of the Lake Charms, Sirius Charms, Mysterious Star Charm, 4-element Medals


  • The different models of Elie Top Earrings: Stylet earrings, Blason earrings, Ecu earrings, Shield earrings, Lance earrings, Bandeau earrings, Studs ears, Drops earrings, Dormeuses earrings, Pluto earrings, Dorsal earrings


  • The different models of Elie Top Bracelets and Cuffs: Scaphadre cuff, Dorsal cuff, Bouclier cuff, Octo cuff, Bandeau cuff, Mira bracelet, Pluton bracelet, Toi&Moi bracelet, Bandeau bracelet


  • The different models of Elie Top Cufflinks: pluton cufflinks, 4-element cufflinks


  • Créateur

  • Jeweler designer, a demanding profession which combines creativity, mastering and expertise of work with precious metals (yellow, pink or white gold, patinated silver etc.) and precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, opals etc.) together with pursuit of excellence and desire for spouting beauty.


  • For your tailor-made creation, we have the pleasure to make available to you in the salon the service of Upcycling. Through the transformation of jewels, we propose to you a second life to your family jewelry, your old engagement ring, your christening curb, giving it a characteristic style, absolute criterion of an authentic creation.



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  • The creative studio and The salon of jeweler is located right close to the Place Vendôme. Elie Top composes with the codes of luxury jewelry. It is in this privileged setting, high rise of luxury jewelry and secluded, Up to your choice of jewel, adapted to your budget and revealing your personality, is seen as a unique experience.


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Unique Pieces

Diamond Caméléon Ring

Its head, animated with rose gold eyes and set with diamonds, articulates on a body paved with scales of yellow gold, rose gold, and distressed silver. The dorsal spine of the body is accentuated by a line of diamonds that extends into a twisted tail of yellow gold.

Antique Diamond Serpent Ring

The body, wrapped in distressed silver scales with a yellow gold dorsal ridge, ends with a head that is paved with diamonds and animated with jonquil diamond eyes. At its summit, it is set with a 5.8 carats antique cushion-cut diamond.

Diamond Serpent Cuff

Serpent bracelet, with a body wrapped in scales of rose gold, yellow gold, and distressed silver, punctuated with diamonds, ending on one side with an articulated head, paved with diamonds and animated with yellow sapphire eyes, set at its top with a rubellite cabochon, and on the other side with an articulated tail paved with diamonds and set with a ruby cabochon.

Beryl Sapphires and Diamond Tortue Pendant

Its carapace is paved with yellow and orange sapphires, rose gold and distressed silver scales studded with diamonds, and set in its center with a cushion-cut spessartite garnet. Suspended by a twisted chain, it is held by a head animated with rose gold eyes and paved with diamonds, set at its top with a yellow beryl marquise.

Diamond Calao Pendant

Its outstretched wings of yellow gold and distressed silver, highlighted with diamonds, reveal a body paved with antique diamonds, rose gold scales, and distressed silver punctuated with diamonds. Suspended from a twisted chain by its head, which is animated with rose gold eyes and a diamond pave, it is crowned with a twist of yellow gold that ends in a sculptural beak.