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Precious stones and fine metals come together to form Elie Top's eccentric, whimsical designs. Our rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants aren't just one-off gifts--they're luxury jewelry pieces that you or your partner will enjoy long after Valentine's Day is over. Shop jewelry that we designed and crafted in Paris, France to incorporate the fashion world's most elite aesthetics.

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What Can You Expect from Elie Top?

For women, Elie Top's selection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants. Some pieces are subtle while others are bright and vibrant. Elie Top's jewelry for men includes rings and cufflinks with bold, masculine designs. Our collections take inspiration from animals, space, elements, compasses and secret societies. Hidden compartments and secret jewels make our rings a rare treasure.

Why Invest in Fine Jewelry?

They might look similar at first glance, but fine jewelry has a number of advantages over cheaper pieces. When you buy jewelry, don't just think about wearing it immediately--instead, consider what you'll get in the long term.

Real Stones and Metals

The jeweler's pieces dazzle on their website. But when you check the product descriptions, you see imitations of real gemstones: glass, simulated emeralds, cubic zirconia. These stones look real from a distance, but when you inspect the ring on your hand, they don't glitter with true clarity. They're also worth less, making them a weaker investment.

Similarly, gold- and silver-plated jewelry looks legitimate at the first glance. Unfortunately, these pieces contain minimal gold or silver--and if you sell your jewelry, you'll have to accept a loss. Some pieces marketed as "gold-plated" are actually "gold-washed," which means they have the thinnest possible plating. Others are gold-filled or made from gold alloy, which is more valuable but still less precious than solid gold.


Bague Heaume Rubis
Bague Heaume Rubis

Elie Top jewelry features real gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. When they catch the light, the gemstones sparkle with clarity and radiance. We hand-select each jewel to ensure quality, then pair it with complementing gemstones to bring out the beauty without one stone overpowering another. When you hold Elie Top gemstones next to a cubic zirconia, you'll notice the difference.

We craft our jewelry with genuine metals that hold value and accentuate the gemstones' beauty. When you check the product pages, you see real metals like yellow gold and distressed silver. What you see is what you get: solid metals with no washing, flaking or plating. Your luxury jewelry from France becomes a family heirloom instead of a short-term piece that tarnishes over time.

Quality Craftsmanship

Real gold and precious diamonds won't mean much if the jewelry has poor craftsmanship. If the ring breaks, a diamond slides off or the earrings fall apart, your jewelry plummets in value. Expert craftsmanship ensures that your pieces hold up over time, allowing you to enjoy the sparkling diamonds, distressed silver and delicate gold for years to come.

Elie Top crafts each piece in Paris, France so we're directly involved with the manufacturing process. We select jewels, shape metal, make engravings, set the stones and photograph new pieces before we add them to our stock. With years of experience and fine attention to detail, we maximize your jewelry's lifespan and limit the time and money that you'd otherwise spend on repairs. If you take care of your jewelry, your rings and bracelets will adorn your hand as if they were brand new.


Salon à l'abri des regards

Salon à l'abri des regards

Long-term Investment

Like stocks, artwork and collectibles, jewelry is an investment. While nobody plans on selling their jewelry right after they buy it, you might sell your jewelry later in life so another collector can enjoy it. You may sell your jewelry at a profit if the piece rises in value. Fine jewelry also adds value to your estate, increasing your net worth.

Unfortunately, cheap jewelry isn't much of an investment. In fact, the value decreases when the rings tarnish or a fake diamond falls off the pendant. Since jewelers sell their pieces to make a profit, you'll sell the jewelry for much less than you paid. The piece also won't add value to your assets or increase your net worth. Essentially, this jewelry is a decorative piece that doesn't have long-term value.

Conversely, Elie Top jewelry is a valuable long-term investment. The timeless designs ensure that your ring, earrings or bracelet won't drop in value when it's no longer fashionable. Real yellow gold, distressed silver and gemstones like diamonds and rubies create an essential investment that you may sell at an auction, exchange for another piece or pass down to your relatives.


Who is Elie Top?

Elie Top is a Parisian jewelry designer who entered the industry at the age of 17. Top started his career by leaving his home country to study at the L'École de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne (ECSCP). Afterward, he accepted a position with the French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, where he learned how to design and craft jewelry.

Luxury fashion designers Loulou de la Falaise and Alber Elbaz helped Elie Top hone his craft until he designed his first jewelry piece at the age of 21. For the next ten years, Top collaborated with the Lanvin fashion house to create fine jewelry with fresh, relevant designs. Today, Top is a world-renowned fashion designer with publications around the globe celebrating his work. Over a dozen stockists carry his pieces to make them accessible to collectors in different countries.


Elie Top photography

Elie Top par David Sims

What Are Stockists?

Elie Top has one in-person location in Paris, France. If you don't live in the region, you can shop online at your convenience. However, if you'd prefer to shop from a local store, Elie Top has stockists in countries throughout the globe, including Canada, South Korea, Greece and the United States. Select stockists have physical locations as well as online stores.

Stockists are jewelry businesses that are approved to sell Elie Top products. Order from your nearest stockist to take advantage of local inventories and shipping rates. However, reach out to Elie Top if you have questions about our jewelry--while stockists sell our pieces, they're not part of the design and manufacturing process.

Contact Elie Top

Reach out to Elie Top if you have questions about our jewelry or need help selecting a piece. Talk to us about your situation, and we'll help you find the perfect ring, earrings, bracelet or pendant for you or a loved one. We'll also assist you with technical issues about placing an order, paying for jewelry, estimating shipping costs and signing up for an account to keep track of your orders.

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Unique Pieces

Diamond Caméléon Ring

Its head, animated with rose gold eyes and set with diamonds, articulates on a body paved with scales of yellow gold, rose gold, and distressed silver. The dorsal spine of the body is accentuated by a line of diamonds that extends into a twisted tail of yellow gold.

Antique Diamond Serpent Ring

The body, wrapped in distressed silver scales with a yellow gold dorsal ridge, ends with a head that is paved with diamonds and animated with jonquil diamond eyes. At its summit, it is set with a 5.8 carats antique cushion-cut diamond.

Diamond Serpent Cuff

Serpent bracelet, with a body wrapped in scales of rose gold, yellow gold, and distressed silver, punctuated with diamonds, ending on one side with an articulated head, paved with diamonds and animated with yellow sapphire eyes, set at its top with a rubellite cabochon, and on the other side with an articulated tail paved with diamonds and set with a ruby cabochon.

Beryl Sapphires and Diamond Tortue Pendant

Its carapace is paved with yellow and orange sapphires, rose gold and distressed silver scales studded with diamonds, and set in its center with a cushion-cut spessartite garnet. Suspended by a twisted chain, it is held by a head animated with rose gold eyes and paved with diamonds, set at its top with a yellow beryl marquise.

Diamond Calao Pendant

Its outstretched wings of yellow gold and distressed silver, highlighted with diamonds, reveal a body paved with antique diamonds, rose gold scales, and distressed silver punctuated with diamonds. Suspended from a twisted chain by its head, which is animated with rose gold eyes and a diamond pave, it is crowned with a twist of yellow gold that ends in a sculptural beak.