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“The unique pieces of high jewelry from the house of Elie Top were born from my desire, my desire to confront myself with this imposed figure of jewelry, figuration and animal jewelry. For my precious bestiary, I imagined five fantastic animals leaving the virgin forest and arriving in town after being transformed into jewellery: the snake cuff, the double crocodile ring, the turtle necklace, the Hornbill pendant and the Chameleon ring. -Elie Top

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Unique Pieces

Diamond Caméléon Ring

Its head, animated with rose gold eyes and set with diamonds, articulates on a body paved with scales of yellow gold, rose gold, and distressed silver. The dorsal spine of the body is accentuated by a line of diamonds that extends into a twisted tail of yellow gold.

Antique Diamond Serpent Ring

The body, wrapped in distressed silver scales with a yellow gold dorsal ridge, ends with a head that is paved with diamonds and animated with jonquil diamond eyes. At its summit, it is set with a 5.8 carats antique cushion-cut diamond.

Diamond Serpent Cuff

Serpent bracelet, with a body wrapped in scales of rose gold, yellow gold, and distressed silver, punctuated with diamonds, ending on one side with an articulated head, paved with diamonds and animated with yellow sapphire eyes, set at its top with a rubellite cabochon, and on the other side with an articulated tail paved with diamonds and set with a ruby cabochon.

Beryl Sapphires and Diamond Tortue Pendant

Its carapace is paved with yellow and orange sapphires, rose gold and distressed silver scales studded with diamonds, and set in its center with a cushion-cut spessartite garnet. Suspended by a twisted chain, it is held by a head animated with rose gold eyes and paved with diamonds, set at its top with a yellow beryl marquise.

Diamond Calao Pendant

Its outstretched wings of yellow gold and distressed silver, highlighted with diamonds, reveal a body paved with antique diamonds, rose gold scales, and distressed silver punctuated with diamonds. Suspended from a twisted chain by its head, which is animated with rose gold eyes and a diamond pave, it is crowned with a twist of yellow gold that ends in a sculptural beak.