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Fine jewelry doesn't have to be solemn and stuffy. Elie Top jewelry combines brilliant gems with fun, playful designs that stimulate your creativity. They're subtle enough that you can wear them at formal events but cheery and whimsical for occasions like first dates and engagement parties.

Bright sapphires, glittering emeralds, medieval engravings, rotating spheres, zodiac symbols, beloved animals and heavenly bodies give the Elie Top collection a sense of childlike wonder. Shop Elie Top today to remind yourself why you love collecting jewelry in the first place.

What is Elie Top?

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Where Can You Buy Elie Top?

Order jewelry online, or contact us to set up an appointment at our Paris location. Alternatively, visit the "Stockists" page to find jewelers throughout the world who sell Elie Top pieces. We have stockists in Canada, South Korea, France, Holland, Lebanon, Greece and the United States.

What You'll Find in the Elie Top Collection


Gemology is a science-based approach to evaluating precious stones like diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Elie Top's trained gemologists evaluate the quality, clarity and authenticity of each stone to ensure that we craft high-quality jewelry. We use delicate tools and instruments that provide accurate data without damaging the stone. Once we've evaluated the jewel, we cut and polish our stones so we're involved with every step of the jewelry-making process. Elie Top's gemologists are also experts in jewelry trends--we stay on top of the market to provide the best possible investments.

Jewelry Gifts

Browse Elie Top jewelry collections to find the best luxury gifts from France. Our collections take inspiration from vibrant stones, zodiac signs, antique treasures, natural elements, classic motifs and historical motifs to create shimmering jewelry that sparkles with subtle artistry. Effortlessly modern and instantly timeless, Elie Top jewelry pieces make exquisite gifts for recipients with refined taste. Browse our website to learn more about each collection and reflect on the history behind each piece. If you'd like to learn more, reach out to us to talk about our design inspiration.

Luxury Jewelry

Fine jewelry is about more than precious metals and glittering gemstones. It's about the history and artistry behind each piece--and Elie Top crafts these materials into intricate designs that reflect ancient history, the four elements and natural curiosity. The delicate details reflect our commitment to creating vibrant, long-lasting pieces that buyers don't truly appreciate until they've seen them up close. Fine etchings, secret discs, reversible plates and subtle gems surprise you every time you wear an Elie Top piece. This isn't jewelry that you'll wear once to a wedding--it's jewelry that accompanies you for decades as you navigate life with patience and grace.

Custom Jewelry

Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with Elie Top custom luxury jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind--you won't find it in our store or see an identical piece in another buyer's collection. Browse our selection of jewelry pieces to get ideas, or show us the design that you had in mind. Metals like rose gold, yellow gold and pink gold combine with shimmering jewels to create a stunning family heirloom. We offer custom rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, pendant necklaces and cuff links made according to your specifications.

High End Jewelry

When you shop luxury jewelry brands like Elie Top, you're investing pieces that your family will treasure for generations. Our pieces stand up to years of use under reasonable circumstances. Wear your jewelry to weddings, graduations, corporate events, sit-down dinners and engagement parties to accentuate your favorite outfits. Elie Top affordable French jewelry comes straight from the source--and when you add classic French style to your wardrobe, you'll become an eclectic jewelry collector who appreciates global design.

Reach Out to Learn More

We're happy to help you invest in the right pieces for your collection. Reach out to Elie Top for professional advice on selecting the best French jewelry. Talk about your favorite stones and metals, design preferences and personal style that makes you stand out. When you want to classic French girl style, we'll recommend pieces that draw from our unique heritage.

Need help with a technical issue like setting up an account or placing an order? Reach out so we can get your favorite French jewelry in your collection as soon as possible. You can call us, set up an appointment or reach out through Whatsapp.