Twist drawn by Elie Top

Twist told by

Elie Top

Henri Rousseau, La Charmeuse de serpents.

And the charmer's flute begins to sing

under the spell, the serpent cannot resist

and languidly begins to dance,

vibrating from its golden scales

and its glittering head sways back and forth

Elizabeth Taylor, in the 70s.

It first traces a few Ss as it emerges from the basket

in languorous curves, as if warming up

it skillfully portrays the goddesses with undulating forms

and precious stones placed on its nose

Lucas Cranach, Portrait de Femme.

but driven by the music his body twists,

and stiffens, bending to strike a key

like an elastic, it arches in a clover shape,

multiplying the lines like a wrought iron

the rhythm hastens, and in a magical twist

leaving in its wake a trail of gold and silver

in an electric surge, it leaps forward in a series of Eight, a symbol of eternity.