"Sirius, a sparkling variation of the 'Mécaniques Célestes', unveils its precious treasure with a single click: the simplicity of its spherical case combined with a classic daisy motif crowned with diamonds, reminiscent of engagement rings. Symbolic tenderness from the past, joining the lines of the future for a piece of jewellery for today." - Elie Top

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Sirius told by

Judith Benhamou-Huet

Are you Sirius Marguerite?

Are you Sirius? Yes I’m so serious.

To seal the bond, he presented her with Sirius, a ring concealing a shining heart.

Whose heart? Marguerite’s, perhaps.

Sirius shines when she desires it. Sirius shines because it is desired.

It is the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation.Sublime embraces in seventh heaven with the faithful Dog Star.

You can see it, as night falls,

Always light years away, and yet the brightest of them all.

That day he was very serious, almost solemn.

Not like in an American series, on his knees with trembling hands, or at a restaurant with the jewel hidden beneath his napkin.

We don’t like cliches, just memories. Just.

He was just there in front of her, the same as every evening, but this time accompanied by Sirius.

That was how he first entrusted Elie

With his grandmother’s ring.

A marguerite that has travelled through time.

Since the year mmm…

Marguerite is not the name of the old lady.

It is the French word for daisy, and the name of the piece of jewellery presented.

Presented by her future husband when she was still young, as an engagement ring.

A stone surrounded by diamonds in the shape of a daisy.

A big beautiful sapphire or a big beautiful ruby.

Sirius must be opened to know and see the daisy, the marguerite.

A little. A lot. Passionately. Definitively.

Elie has enjoyed embodying history, his family history.

Don’t destroy memory.

Don’t disclose delicacy.

He designed this gold casing

Round like an orange,

To be opened like Fragonard’s Lock.

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A hidden treasure

-Are you Sirius ?