Mécaniques Célestes

« This first collection lays the foundations of a style. I designed it in an attempt to reconcile my aesthetic antagonisms and unite them within a single piece of jewellery: a journey through time and space. With a quick gesture, a gold sphere is set spinning, and depending on the mood or circumstance you can discover its precious secret: a glittering armillary sphere or a hard stone planet playing hide and seek. There is an intrinsic versatility, an essential dual aspect that makes this a piece of jewellery that is either pure and contemporary or poetic and portable, to be worn at all hours of the day and night…» - Elie Top

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Mécaniques Célestes told by

Judith Benhamou-Huet

Celestial mechanics, nothing so supernatural. The night was dark as the sky met the sea forming a deep yet fathomless mass.

The tides obeyed celestial mechanics.

The waves ebbed and flowed, breaking over our feet barely visible by the light of the moon which guided our temperaments and separated salt water from shore.

I come and I go. Celestial mechanics. I open and close.

In a dazzling planetary dance that sets you and the elements spinning.

I open and close. Eventually a round onyx stone appears. The earth is also round like an onyx. The mechanism of souls, moods, and mankind revolves inside the box of the universe.

I open and close. For the wind and the tide. A force for everything that is most natural.

A complex game of gold rings and diamonds that mimics the ebb and flow of the planets, playing with the sea.

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This is celestial mechanics. I come and I go. I open and close. For you.