Elie Top x Zara, 2022

" Enthused by Marta's spontaneous and unexpected invitation to freely design a collection of exceptional costume jewelry for Zara - my first love - I began to dream: a simple dream bathed in sunshine gave birth to this collection, a Song of the Earth of which here is the story:

Sitting at the edge of the field of sunflowers on a rock that overlooked the valley, I gazed at the landscape of powerful, breathtaking beauty. These flowers were gathered there, all turned in the same direction to offer themselves to the sun. A few clouds gave a slightly dramatic character to the scene. This golden yellow of sunflowers. This intense blue of the sky. Mahler and his " Song of the Earth " thundered in my brain. Van Gogh was also summoned. Before cutting the sunflowers, to immortalize them in a vase, he must of course have been intoxicated by this extraordinary sight.

I was still in my grandiose dreams when a cute little bee buzzed in my ear. She brought the most delicate grace to my contemplation. I was amused.
Her dancing captivated me.

I followed her on her natural path.
She kissed a golden flower then another then another to fertilize them. So the magic happened. First the heart of the sunflower has been transformed into shimmering matter. Its petals have become rays of pure suns, gold and silver. The insect continued. I followed the trajectory of the bee on its natural path.
You could very easily accompany her with your gaze thanks to the rhinestones that she took care to leave in her wake. It landed on one hand : look, here is a ring born from the love of flora and fauna!
It landed on a slender wrist : here's a cuff hymn to the delicacy of the little flying being who communicates with the sun!
I followed the trajectory of the bee on its natural path.
And it happened that his magic flight punctuated with rhinestones turns into a torque.

The bee guided by burning love is not afraid of anything. She delicately brushed the beauty's ear to draw a golden loop around it.
I followed the trajectory of the bee on its natural path
Because with each floral pose it gave birth to a jewel. Bzzzzzz.

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