Elie Top x Clé de Peau, 2022

1982-2022 - 40 years dedicated to beauty and excellence made in Japan: to celebrate this beautiful anniversary, Clé de Peau Beauté invited me to create a set of precious objects worthy of the event. I am happy to reveal these creations today, patinated silver enhanced with vermeil and studded with forty diamonds for forty years of success.

To magnify La Crème, Clé de Peau's flagship and prestigious product, I imagined this Sphere box as a magical planet whose key, a Sun medallion - source of life and light - skill-fully pivots and frees the object from all desires: The Cream, suspended in the center of the box.

Once the Sun Medallion, studded with its forty diamonds, is detached, it becomes a necklace and radiates around your neck. The essential mirror also becomes a jewel dedicated to the Moon, its crescent, a powerful inspiration for poets. The openwork patinated silver reveals a starry night of vermeil and diamonds.



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