Elie Top presents Magica Naturae, Paris

Monday July 5 to Thursday July 8, 2021
Paris, France



Elie Top is pleased to invite you to the presentation of his new collection: Magica Naturae.

" As though magnetized by the song of the Earth, I dreamed I was walking into the heart of primeval forests and contemplating their lush treasures with fascination. And while intoxicated by so much ancient beauty I extended this reverie on paper, where I summoned the plethora of beasts and their attributes that appeared before me: Answering the call, Chameleon, Tortoise, Snake, Hornbill, Crocodile, their scales, teeth, shells and claws hailing from another age – the age of our origins – emerged to populate our tamed mineral forest, the city. From one forest to another, the Magic of Nature "

-Elie Top

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