Sotheby's x Elie Top, 2019

Tuesday April 30, 2019
by Emeline Blanc

Succeeding Joséphine de la Baume, guest of the 2018 edition, the jewellery designer Elie Top brings his personal touch to the Sotheby's sale on Tuesday April 30, dedicated to the most beautiful jewellery and the most beautiful watches giving pride of place to diamonds and then. Almost self-evident and a return to basics for the creator who emphasizes: " along with books, [sales catalogs] were the basis of my learning, like precious school textbooks, great sources of knowledge, tirelessly consulted to exercise my eye. , shape your taste and find inspiration. They offered me an endless journey through eras and styles, marked with the seal of great signatures as well as talented anonymous people. So when the prestigious Sotheby's house offered me this additional trip thanks to their new sale, it was with joy that I embarked, and I thank them for it ”. The sale will unveil a selection of nearly 30 pieces from the 1940s-1960s, among which Elie Top has brought together jewellery with powerful and timeless shapes. Geometric rings, wristwatches, double clip-on brooches… A string of jewels with strong lines that sometimes magnify the diamond, sometimes the gold. In parallel with the sale, the designer has imagined a capsule collection of 12 mysterious and playful creations.
























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