01 Salon

Rather than open a store, Elie Top decided to create a salon that, like his jewellery, itself held several salons. Decorated in collaboration with Vincent Darré, each salon is a showcase of small, intimate, private, muted rooms. The thickest carpets from Maison Darré blend labyrinths, French gardens, octagons... Mathematical extravagance, forever and always.

02 Jewel Box

The blue-grey walls, with blackened bush edging, echo the brand's jewellery boxes. The dialogue between modern and ancient is reminiscent of the collections' inspirations. The engraved, 1940s glasses develop the celestial theme with clouds and signs of the zodiac. The dark grey furniture, designed by Elie himself, sits alongside pieces by Jansen. It makes one think of the 1910 Viennese style, or perhaps Andrée Putman’s eighties style.

03 Exclusive Creations

Here, Elie Top works, designs and welcomes clients in a personal, intimate setting to present his jewellery as well as dream up custom designs based on the stones they bring him - special orders to ignite his imagination...

01 unclassifiable

Elie Top has opened his own jewellery house. And naturally, in designing jewellery under his own name, Elie Top lets his imagination run even wilder than ever before. And his imagination is in a class of its own.

02 Fantasy and architecture

His realm is dreamlike, but geometrical. His world is Baroque, but pared-down Baroque. He is decidedly modern yet thoroughly classical. His designs are spectacular yet secretive and mysterious.

03 mathematical extravagance

His collections are classed as Fine Jewelry with their craftsmanship and complex cosmogonic architecture but remain firmly rooted in the realm of costume jewelry with their freedom of inspiration and focus on creativity instead of stone value. Elie Top's jewellery is as beautiful as a mathematical extravagance.

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